Multifunction Printing Devices, also called MFPs, can be a great asset to a business. Along with printing, MFPs can offer copying, scanning, and faxing.


By using digital copying technology MFP copying will deliver the quality you want. You are able to copy in black & white, color, and grey scale with ease.


MFP printing has a lot more to offer than the typical traditional printer. MFP printing can provide finishing options like stapling, booklet-making, and three-hole punch. MFP printing is geared toward high volume printing and so it offers greater productivity at a lower cost.


MFP scanning enables you to scan black & white and color images and then store them in different formats or route them somewhere else. Scanning is becoming a popular way to import or transfer data and it is important for your business to have a quality MFP that will allow you to do this.


One of the benefits to a MFP fax machine is that you do not have to scan a document in order to fax it. You are able to send documents directly from your computer to be faxed. If you do have a hard copy of a document you can still use the fax function as you would a standalone fax machine.

Having all of these functions in one machine can save time and money. By eliminating the need for multiple machines you free up some office space and there would only be one machine to learn how to use.

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